Dr.MAT Metallurgy Hexagonal Bornitrid Extrusion Spray

Dr.MAT METALLURGY is an excellent product containing boron nitride and used as mold release agent and lubricant at high temperatures.

Hexagonal boron nitride is a high temperature resistant, high thermal conductivity, high corrosion resistant non-conductive material.

Hexagonal boron nitride maintains its properties up to 900 °C and does not react with mold and metal.


  • Excellent lubrication with very low friction coefficient.
  • It is inert against many chemicals.
  • It works perfectly under extreme load.
  • White color, does not create pollution.
  • It cannot be wetted by many metals such as glass, salts and liquid aluminum.
  • Heat conduction is very good.
  • Can be easily processed in hot press environment.


Scope of application

  • Aluminum industry
  • Jewelery industry
  • Glass industry
  • It is used as lubricant and mold release agent in areas where graphite creates pollution.
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