Dr.MAT Urine OFF Cat & Dog and Odor Remover and Pheromone Blocker Spray 

Clean the solid feces left by cats and dogs.

Shake the bottle before using.

Apply Dr. Mat Urine Odor Remover  to the contaminated area and  around.

According to  place of appliacaiton.

Dr. Mat Cat & Dog Urine Deodorizing Spray is ozone friendly. It is safe when it is  used as described. Repeatedly available.

Cats and dogs mark their own region with  urine and feces. Dr.Mat Spray Urine Odor Remover discourage  cats and dogs for marking.It is used outside the house, it also prevents other pets from doing this kind of unwanted work on gardens, balconies, building entrances, standing objects, flower pots and similar places.

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Dr.MAT Kedi ve Köpek İdrar Koku Giderici Sprey