Dr.MAT 3D  Anti Glare Spray PSCS-02


It is a antiglare spray which is used to create CAD drawings in a computer environment with the optical scanning device of 3D physical objects.Anti-glare spray which allows to be scanned clearly the finest patterns of parts. It makes the patterns,lines and surfaces of part look clear. It is used for patterns and small parts. It gives good results on small and patterns parts which are as ring,necklace,button.

Before using, you must shake the bottle. Application surface must be clean.When detay spray is gently squeezed from 20-25 cm to surface of the part, it provides a light matting without losing the patterns.It is easily cleaned from the surface after scanning. It is suistable for test with plastics.

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Dr.MAT 3D Parlaklık Önleyici Sprey Anti Glare Spray PSCS-02