MAT CHEMICAL INDUSTRY PRODUCTS; In 1997, it has been providing service for many years in the sector of auxiliary chemical production for engineering plastics molds. Our company, which has chosen Istanbul as its headquarters, has shown a forward-looking understanding in terms of both labor and market.

MAT CHEMICAL INDUSTRY PRODUCTS aims to create a leading brand in the sector with quality products at affordable prices by minimizing production costs. With this understanding, our company has always been in demand for over 20 years and with its groundbreaking products; it makes it a duty to make life easier for consumers.

MAT CHEMICAL INDUSTRY PRODUCTS as well as domestic and international market with our competitive products in the name of our company; overseas representatives, distributors and marketing of their own products as a private label for the production of many brands.



MAT CHEMICAL INDUSTRY PRODUCTS, which aims to create a brand in the international sense and to take this brand one step forward with each passing day; It also regards creating value by contributing to employment creation and economic development.


MAT CHEMICAL INDUSTRY PRODUCTS, which considers growth and development as its main target; aims to make its success sustainable by closely following the innovations in the sector while benefiting from technological opportunities.